Rural house EL BUJÍO



The rural house "El Bujío" is situated in a natural and ecological farm of 25 hectares in a unique enclave of Extremadura, that protected by the Sierra has a special microclimate (milder summers and winters less stringent).




The farm, which stand unique rock formations, is watered by several springs and streams, and populated by forests of chestnut, oak and cork trees, which makes it different from other rural accommodation, so you can enjoy the property for hiking or other activities in a completely isolated, finding multiple corners very different from each other.




The rural house "El Bujío", has the advantage of isolation may be lost for hours in the property if you wishes but at the same time is only 3 km from Valencia de Alcantara, surrounded by towns, villages and a variety of routes nearby to visit and enjoy the food, culture and landscapes of the area.



Registro actividad turística casas rurales TR-CC-00035

Nº 2011162010002697

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