The estate and rural house is situated in a natural environment of high ecological value. It has a microclimate that makes the region the perfect place for rest and helps one create a connection with nature on the foothills of the San Pedro Sierra, declared a a protected area for birds along with the Natural Park Serra de Sao Mamede (Portugal).


The municipality of Valencia de Alcántara is located in the Penillanura del Salor, fenced by the foothills of the Montes de Toledo. It has a surface area of 595 km2 and the Sierra de San Pedro passes straight through it, in it granitic areas and shale unite. It´s here where numerous channels supply the river network of El Tajo.

It´s a region with an exuberant ecosystem, where we can find the purest representation of the extremenian pastors. The landscape is rich in flora and fauna and it´s one of the sancturaries for several endangered species, everything from the emperial eagle to the lynx. The San Pedro Sierra has been named a Special Protection Area (SPA), and can be seen as a plus for the lovers of ornithology.

The beauty of the flora and fauna is joined by the beautiful landscape, with its enclaves that make out the numerous spanish as well as portuguese towns. The tallest point can be found in Sierra Fría, with 945 metres above sea level. Over the hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza, we find at the summit a geographical vertex at 662 meters, from which you can see numerous spanish and portuguese towns and castles.


Staying at El Bujío will allow you to visit gorgeous places from the Raya Extremeño Alentejana, Cáceres, Alburquerque, Alcántara and Portugal (Marvao y Castelo da Vide). La Campiña with its baserri´s: El Pino, Las Casiñas, La Fontañera, San Pedro, Las Lanchuelas, Las Huertas, La Aceña, Jola, Alcorneo. The galician village in Portugal used to be a place where you could go buy things during the smuggling period and where nowadays you can find various merchandise. The surronding of the protected park, Tajo Internacional, is another incentive.


A cruise through the Tajo has been inagurated as of recently, with several different routes, in which you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes between Spain and Portugal, as well as sightings of endangered birds and other local fauna.


We´re 8 minutes from Portugal and its medieval towns, among which we can find the walled region of Marvao with it spectacular castle and its wonderful views and sunsets.


The biggest cultural attraction, without a doubt, is the megalithic compound, over one hundred dolmens and other prehistoric remains can be found here. El Bujío is located in an area of extraordinary arqueological value, it houses the most important megalithic concentration in Europe, with over 50 dolmens distributed in 11 routes, well signed and easy access.


It´s also worth mentioning that you can also find roman remains as well as early christian remains, and the cultural interest of Valencia de Alcántara, where we can find beautiful churches, where the Nuestra Señora de Rocamador is the most famous.

Due to its characteristics and that of its surroundings, the rural house El Bujío allows you to carry out a multitud of activities, hiking on the virgin landscapes with several routes like the Molino de la Negra route, the routes of the commonwealth of the San Pedro Sierra, the transboundary and the dolmen route. You can also enjoy ornithological tourism, horse back riding, golf, and enjoy the natural swimming pools of Portugal.



ACTIVITIES: El Bujío has an ample activities room, which is independent from the house and has spectacular views, where you can carry out complementary activities, like yoga classes, transpersonal psychology, meditation, relaxation, Tai-Chi, Biodance, therapeutic massages and much more.





THE GASTRONOMY: lamb stew, frite, and sausages like the fariñera, cominera, as well as the iberian sausages. As far as sweets go, the easter bun which you can eat all year round. There are numerous restaurants in the area with reasonable prices.






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